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  1. I hope everyone has a great holiday spent with family and friends. View full article
  2. Craiger

    Merry Christmas!!

    I hope everyone has a great holiday spent with family and friends.
  3. Craiger

    For anyone who plays PUBG

    OK, that's funny
  4. Craiger

    DayZ server and teamspeak closing

    Dang, I knew this day was coming. It was a blast while it lasted. Thanks Mikey for everything!!
  5. Craiger

    My name is Fortune

    Welcome to the community! I'm not on the server much at the moment (pesky employment) but I hope to see you soon.
  6. King of the Hill will take place AUG 15th @ 8:00PM CST, 6:00PM Pacific. Location: The location will be released the day of the event at 6:00PM CST, 4:00PM Pacific **** The play area will be posted in this thread but start locations will be given to individual teams **** Rules: There are no rules. (well there are a few) See below Start locations will be sent to each participant 2 hours before the event stats. You must be at the starting location at the start time. !!!SIGN-UP FOR THIS EVENT WILL BE CUT OFF AT 6:00PM CST THE DAY OF THE EVENT!!! The basic rules. ALL of these rules are flexible as deemed fit by the O/C (observer controller). These rules are here to help everyone understand the framework of our Tuesday Night PvP event as well as to let EVERYONE have fun. The server will be white listed for the duration of the event. Everyone will start about the same distance from the “final objective” Everyone will start with about the same tactical placement i.e. one player won’t be in a town and another in the middle of a field. The O/C should be in bright colors and ignored by all participants while on the field of play. The O/C should stay the heck out of the way and only influence the battle by shrinking the field of play and making the “crate drop” which should be a protector case. The field of play will shrink from a 1000 meter radius to a 500 meter radius at the end of the first hour. The field of play will shrink from 500 meters to ~ 200 meter radius at the end of the next half hour. At the end of the next half hour (the 2 hour mark of the event) the O/C will drop the crate. Once a player is killed, they may not return to the fighting area. They can, however, use the remaining time of the event to do some re-equipping on the server. ALL of these rules are flexible as deemed fit by the O/C SIGN UP BELOW!!!
  7. You cannot prove these slanderous accusations!! Erhm, I might have mis-spoken earlier. It appears as if one of my over zealous staffers MAY have inadvertently voted for myself. It doesn't matter though, this is the will of THE PEOPLE!
  8. Vote for Craiger!! A man of the people. I love my momma and apple pie. I'll be out campaigning all day. Kissing hands and shaking babies..
  9. Craiger


    Can you fit some more freedom in there Mikey?
  10. Craiger

    I'm running for Mayor of Gorka

    Tea, Tea, TEA!!! You sound as if you might be a tad cynical about politicians. We just want what is best "for the people"!!
  11. Sign up here Post your teams. Up to three players per team
  12. Craiger

    Howdy! New to the server

    It has been slow lately. We have usually been in the top 50 DayZ servers, but I think we've dropped lately. I just takes folks like you who are willing to invest some time and effort to make a server great
  13. Craiger


  14. Craiger

    Howdy! New to the server

    Welcome to the community. Donations cover the cost of the server and all the peripherals that go along with sponsoring a community (like this web page)
  15. Craiger


    Welcome (back) I hope to see you in-game