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  1. BigMike420

    Howdy! New to the server

  2. BigMike420

    Squad PvP


  3. BigMike420

    Best Screenshots

  4. BigMike420

    Best Screenshots

    Ok Guys and Gals, I wanna see some of your BEST pics of Chernaraus! Post your best pic and caption. Here are a couple of my faves! Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go, BigMike420
  5. BigMike420

    Helicopter Spawns

    Lately there has been a lot of questions about heli spawns and how they spawn in. According to Reddit heli crash spawns occur 3 at a time and change locations every 30 mins to any of 74 possible locations. As far as the position and smoking or non, Those are random as well. I came across a glitched out server in my travels and took a picture of ALL the heli crashes in ONE location,proof that it can be ANY crash at ANY location. I hope this was helpful and appreciate any feedback. Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go, BigMike420
  6. BigMike420

    To get out of the Youth Channel To Commander Naval

    Very poor grammar for a "straight Aye"student. Just saying..p.s. sorry for the Canada pun, could'nt help myself.
  7. BigMike420

    Whassup guys. Dansolt929 in the house

    I had this same car in the same color. Gen 1s are the best. I put a supercharger on mine and turned it into a sleeper car. Best civic killer around.
  8. Hello fellow survivors... My name is BigMike420. I am an old head with 1000+ hours of DayZ experience and am super excited to be a part of this community. If you come across MikeDaMechanic out there feel free to say hey. Much Love, BigMike420