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    Hello and welcome to www.Ninja.Community (formally known as www.DayZ.ninja)!

    As some of you are aware, our community population has dropped tremendously within the month of April and May. There have been many reasons for this:

    • DayZ development has not released an update within a reasonable timeframe; which caused some of us to take a break.
    • There is a new game released called Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds; which is similar to the PVP aspect of DayZ; therefore, this has caused our server population to drop.
    • Our community managers (including myself) have been busy with personal life which caused the community and its upkeep to dwindle.
    • Our servers had an issue with BIstudios and their server policies; which we needed time to resolve and that caused a lot of confusion (due to language barrier and ridiculous rules) and even caused a lot of members to leave.

    With the above said, our community was built around DayZ and considering their slow development and their undesirable server policies… it has tainted our overall opinion on DayZ. This made us ponder our future for the NiNJA community. Consequently, we will move away from being an exclusive DayZ community and branch out into other online multiplayer games. NiNJA will continue hosting our DayZ RolePlay Server but we will have to shut down the PVP and PVE servers due to BI’s conflicting server rules. However, if we get back on track with donations, we can and will purchase another server (if it follows BI’s rules). Their rules are located here: https://www.bistudio.com/monetization

    As we move away from being an exclusive DayZ community, I had to kick it off by purchasing a new domain name and a fresh look. The NiNJA version 2.0 (www.Ninja.Community)! However, I did not transfer everything over from our original website because I felt that we needed a fresh start and a fresh look. So please help me build this website and contribute by posting an introduction here, contributing to new discussions, and replying here with suggestions. Additionally, tell others to sign up! (P.S. If you want to transfer anything from the old website to the new website, feel free to ask me or just copy and paste. I will keep www.DayZ.ninja online for a couple of months.)

    As for other games, I am open for suggestions. If you play a game and what to start up a sub-division for that game, please reply to this thread with your suggestion. Mainly, I am looking for games that we can host; that way, we’ll have control over the playing field.

    Here are my suggestions and I am more than happy to rent servers for the following games if we have a decent following:
    • Day of Infamy (I know we have a few NINJAs that play this game: elesde, RedBreadActual, Chief)
    • Battlefield 1 (My Origin name: ChicagoMikey)
    • Team Fortress 2 (Although this is a dying game but I would love to add a hydro server.)

    Edited by ChicagoMikey

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