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  • Sup Ninja,

    We're introducing a role-play DayZ Standalone Private Hive Server. Our role-play server has various areas for engagement; which include: Safe-Zones, Trade Zones and PVP Zones. Below are the rules of engagement for those who choose to play on our role play server. We invite all to come join us, we encourage role-playing and interaction.


    • No Killing On Sight (also known as No KOS)
      Exception: KILLING ON SIGHT is allowed up to 300 meters surrounding the following areas: Military Areas, North-West Airfield, Balota Airfield, Helicopter crash sites, Zelenogorsk and player bases/camps.
       If you choose to setup a player base/camp in a town, you forfeit your ability to defend your base via killing on sight.


    • Neutral zones
      The following zones are considered neutral zones in or 300 meters surrounding said areas. These zones are considered safe, were players can interact without the fear of death, injury, theft or being victimized in anyway: Gorka, Devils Castle, Kozlovka, and North-East Airfield.


    • Combative Interaction
      Your victim has 5 seconds to respond to combative verbal commands. If you reasonably believe your victim does not show any sign of following verbal direction, you may engage your victim. If you reasonably believe your victim is hostile (i.e. draws a weapon) you may engage your victim. Combative Interaction is applied in all areas of the map; however, it is not required in KOS zones (i.e. Military Areas, Airfields, Helicopter crash sites or Bases.)


    • Sanctity of Life
      Overall, life should be treated as sacred or otherwise of such value that are not to be violated. Interaction amongst players is encouraged. Violating the above rule set without the sanctity of life in reasoning is discouraged and will be dealt with by punishment (i.e. kicked or banned from the community and its servers permanently).



    If you encounter a player who broke the above rules, please open a support ticket here and one of our administrators will penalize (ban) the offender. If you believe immediate action should be taken (in example: a hacker and/or a glitcher on a rampage), please log into our TeamSpeak server (IP: voice.dayz.ninja) and message a administrator. In any event, when notifying our administrators please take note of your in-game name and date/time (exact time would be extremely helpful) of when the offense took place.